On Line Chinese Course

The UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland is launching its E-Learning project to make the learning of Mandarin Chinese more effective and convenient. We have just created a series of online Chinese courses starting at beginner’s level.

This is a situation-centred language course. Each lesson revolves around a situational topic presented in the context of several key sentences. These are then expanded upon with short conversations using audio recordings made by native Mandarin Chinese speakers.

We are dedicated to helping learners  gain knowledge of Chinese in a practical and effective way. The concept of Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning are adopted to present our online Chinese courses in two components.

Component 1: Learning in a virtual environment

A virtual classroom that includes animated slides and clear guidance on learning, phrasing and communication tasks has been designed by our professional team based on their experience of teaching Mandarin Chinese courses over the past 4 years. It offers learners an opportunity to attend the “lecture” whenever and wherever they want while absorbing content at their own pace.

Component 2: Practicing in an actual language environment

On each face-to-face course we have professional instructors and tutors from UCD Confucius Institute to help you improve your understanding of the language through learning and practice with native speakers and your peers. Here you will focus on applying what you’ve learnt to accomplish communication tasks in a real Chinese language environment.

This course will start on the 8th of May. So if you would like to participate in our 5-week taster class, please register online  here or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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