BComm with Chinese Studies

For degree and diploma courses related to Chinese studies at UCD please contact the Irish Institute for Chinese Studies at UCD:

B.CommwithChinese:    http://www.ucd.ie/china/bcomm-with-chinese.html





The Irish Institute for China Studies at UCD Offers this degree programme in conjunction with UCD Quinn School of Business. 

Apart from language modules, other Chinese relevant modules are also provided. 

Bachelor of Commerce (International) 

  • Combine Business with knowledge of Chinese language and culture
  • Spend Year 3 abroad in top universities in China studying Chinese and Business
  • Superb career opportunities 

This is a 4-year Bachelor of Commerce (International) programme, providing you with competent background in Chinese language and business culture for you to pursue a career in international business, especially with Chinese.  


Modules provided by the Irish Institute for Chinese Studies at UCD 


Stage 1

BCHN10030  ChineseLanguage Experience I 

BCHN10070  ElementaryWritten Chinese II

BCHN10080  ElementarySpoken Chinese II

BCHN10100  Chinese Culture (ELECTIVE) 

BCHN10200  ContemporaryChinese Society (ELECTIVE)


Stage 2

BCHN20210  IntermediateWritten Chinese I

BCHN20010  IntermediateSpoken Chinese I

BCHN20220  IntermediateWritten Chinese III

BCHN20020  IntermediateSpoken Chinese III

BCHN20100  Chinese Politics and Media (ELECTIVE) 

BCHN20230  Chinese Law (ELECTIVE)


Stage 3

BCHN30210  Enhancing Chinese Language 


Stage 4

BCHN30030  Business Chinese I 

BCHN30040  Business Chinese II 

BCHN30050  Advanced Chinese I (ELECTIVE) 

BCHN30060  Advanced Chinese II (ELECTIVE) 

BCHN30070  Doing Business in China 

BCHN30080  Chinese Economy 



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