Lower-Intermediate Chinese (Level 4)



This course is designed for non-native Chinese speakers. The primary aim is to improve language skills from pre-intermediate to lower-intermediate using colloquial language and exposing the student to Chinese culture and more.



1.To be able to communicate in Chinese using colloquial dialogue with respect to daily life, studying, socialising, registration procedures (e.g. university registration, visas and residency permits) and dealing with problematic situations.

2.To be able to hold a conversation in a fluid manner. 

3.To be able to give simple oral presentations using accurate pronunciation and expressions.



Rich multimedia materials and interactive classroom activities such as games, workshops, role play and bilingual workshops. This is fully backed up by a comprehensive range of multimedia material online, which gives students every opportunity to expand their knowledge of Chinese language and culture.



This course is designed for those who have reached new HSK 2 and above, and acquired primary Chinese skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.



Ms. Jiao Tang



1.5 hours per week, for 10 weeks.


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