Chinese for Beginners (Level 1)



This course is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Chinese. It focuses on the spoken language and aims to equip students with the skills needed for everyday situations in a Chinese-speaking environment. Students can expect to acquire the 100 most frequently used words through entertaining exercises and interactive class activities, and also explore various aspects of Chinese society and culture. 



1.To learn Chinese pronunciation, basic vocabulary and practical daily expressions with an emphasis on listening and speaking skills.

2.To be skilled in daily oral communication and meeting the demands of simple interpersonal dialogue. 

3.To develop an insight into Chinese culture, tradition and society.

4.To provide a sound foundation for further studies and prepare you to take the HSK Level 1 Chinese test. 

(The HSK is the only standardized internationally recognised Mandarin Chinese test.)


Course Outline

1.  Greetings

2.  Self-introduction

3.  Numbers 

4.  Dates

5.  Occupation

6.  Time

7.  Food and drinks

8.  Shopping

9.  Asking for directions

10.  Revision



Rich multimedia materials and interactive classroom activities such as team oral exercises, role-playing, practical exercises in real life situations, video, games... even singing and dancing! 



Complete beginners



Xiaoyu Xie



1.5 hours per week, for 10 weeks.


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