Graduation Ceremony for Evening Course Students in 2011

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On 21 March 2011, over 40 students attended their evening course Graduation Ceremony in UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (CII).

Following his speech congratulating the students, the Director of CII Dr Liming Wang presented certificates to those who had completed their ten-week evening courses run by CII.

Since 2007, nearly 800 students have benefited from the evening courses offered by CII. These courses include Mandarin Chinese in beginner, post-beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels, Chinese culture and society, Chinese business culture and Chinese calligraphy.

An exhibition of photographs from China was held after the ceremony.  These pictures were provided by the evening course students who have already been to China.  The photographs included the grand Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven, the beautiful and peaceful little town of Jiangnan, cute Chinese children and delicious Chinese food etc, showing the photographers’ different impressions of China from their own eyes.

A delicious Chinese food reception was then served.  This was followed by a Chinese culture show in which CII teacher Li Shengnan played the Pipa a traditional Chinese musical instrument and Professor Zhang Weiguo performed a Chinese tea ceremony for the guests.


Pic 1 - Director of CII, Dr Liming Wang making a speech at the graduate ceremony


Pic 2 - Presenting certificates to students


Pic 3 - Deputy director of CII Professor Weiguo Zhang performing a tea ceremony


Pic 4 - Enjoying the delicious Chinese food and exchanging views on the course
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