UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland successfully held Chinese Proficiency Test

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In 9 April 2011, UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland successfully held the Chinese Proficiency Test –the HSK Test.

The HSK test is a standardized international Chinese proficiency test, taking non-native speakers as its object, and directed at examining students’capability in applying Chinese language in their studies, personal life and work.

With more frequent exchange between Ireland and China in various areas, such as trade, culture, and education etc, the number of people learning Chinese language is increasing dramatically. 

The Institute has been running Evening Courses open to the general public who are interested in studying Chinese and the courses have been a huge success.  Many evening course students would like to check their Chinese proficiency level or need Chinese language test certificates for business or study purpose so the HSK Test is their ideal choice.

Followed by the successfully organized first and second HSK Tests last year in Dublin area for written and oral tests, the Institute’s third HSK Test attracted a total of 23 people who took the test in 6 levels. Majority of them are UCD students and Institute’s Evening Course students. One of them took part in level 6, the highest level of HSK Test and the first time in Dublin.

One of the HSK Test rooms in UCD Confucius Isntitute
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