UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland Held the Sixth Chinese Food Culture Workshop for College Students

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The late autumn of Dublin basked below the clear sky and warm sunshine, with the crisp air of maple leaves. In a quaint Chinese restaurant, UCD CII’s sixth Chinese Food Culture Workshop kicked off. The UCD Business and Chinese Studies students took part in this exciting activity with their Chinese teachers from the UCD Confucius Institute.

In this traditional Chinese restaurant, the students were put in a real Chinese language environment, where they learned various terminologies related to Chinese food culture. They were also involved in discussions with their teachers on the relationship between Chinese food culture and business culture, a topic that they had learnt in class and developed further understanding of in the workshop. 

Next, an exhilarating chopstick contest started 

Picture 1: The intensive chopstick contest 

four students formed each group, and they had to use chopsticks to pick peanuts up and eat them. The first group that finished all the peanuts would win. The contest intensified as the students grasped the technique of using chopsticks, and they were intensely focused on picking up the peanuts. In the end, the winning group was awarded with traditional Chinese gifts 


Picture 2: The winning group with traditional Chinese gifts

Dr. Liming Wang, Director of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, introduced Chinese table etiquette and manners and announced the start of the traditional Chinese meal. During the dinner, the students asked many questions about China’s four major schools of cooking, how to be a host and how to propose a toast。

Picture 3: Doctor Liming Wang gave examples of how to propose a toast in China.

At the end of the activity, students spoke highly of the annual Chinese Food Culture Workshop held by UCD CII, which not only treats them with tasty food, but also puts them in the atmosphere of Chinese tea culture and etiquette, giving them the valuable personal experience of Chinese food culture. 

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