UCD-CII Holds the 2nd Training Program for Irish Secondary School Teachers

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On Oct. 21st, the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (CII) successfully held the 2nd Training Program on Teaching Chinese Language and Culture for secondary school teachers. 

After 4 years of painstaking effort, under the guidance and support of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), the UCD-CII has entered a testing phase of Chinese language and culture teaching in the transition year education program of Irish secondary schools in the 2011-12 school year.

The UCD-CII created The Transition Year Teaching Pack for Irish Secondary Schools (T.P.), which is consistent with secondary school teaching concepts and methods and extremely user-friendly for Irish teachers. This T.P. takes advantage of multimedia technology, selects Chinese cultural topics which Irish secondary students are very interested in and can relate to, includes corresponding language learning content, and is displayed in various forms such as PPT, audio and video. It enables Irish teachers to teach Chinese language and culture independently after a short period of training and is therefore highly commended and warmly welcomed by Irish teachers. This T.P. has been evaluated and approved by the NCCA and is currently being used in 40 Irish secondary schools nationwide, which is a significant step towards including Chinese language and culture into the education system of Irish secondary schools.

To help Irish teachers familiarize with and learn the use of this T.P., on Sep. 3rd 2011, the UCD-CII held the 1st Training Program on Teaching Chinese Language and Culture, introducing the using instructions of the T.P. In order to enable Irish secondary teachers to independently organize more cultural activities, the UCD-CII organized the 2nd Training Program on Oct. 12th, where local teachers learned about the historical Chinese food and tea culture and traditions by tasting Chinese food and participating in a chopstick competition. 

Pic 1 Local teachers enjoying the pleasure of learning new vocabulary in a real language environment under the guidance of Chinese teachers.

Before the food tasting, Miss Xiaodong Li of the UCD-CII gave a brief introduction to Chinese table manners and introduced local teachers into the pleasure of learning corresponding vocabulary in a real language environment. Later, teachers of the UCD-CII organized an interesting chopstick match, during which participants were divided into groups of 3 and asked to eat peanuts by using chopsticks only, the group which finished eating all the peanuts using the least time won the match. Participants were fully involved in the fierce competition and the 3 winning teachers were awarded exquisite gifts from the Confucius Institute. 

Pic 2  Miss Xiaodong Li from the UCD-CII is introducing the use of chopsticks to secondary school teachers who attended the training program.

Pic 3 Secondary school teachers participating in the chopstick competition.

During the food tasting, local teachers and teachers from the Confucius Institute discussed how to organize cultural activities among secondary school students and exchanged opinions on using the T.P..The training program was highly commended by local teachers, who expressed their satisfaction of not only experiencing Chinese tea and food culture but also gaining more confidence in organizing cultural activities by themselves. Some local teachers also sent emails of gratitude. One of the local teachers commented , “Through one night, I learned more than from any of the books!” 

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