UCD CII holds 18th Confucius PhD Forum

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On the afternoon of October 29th, 2011, UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland held a PhD forum in UCD’s Newman Building. About 80 attendants including government-sponsored scholars and international students in the Dublin area participated in this forum. The President of UCD Dr. Hugh Brady, Director of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland Dr. Liming Wang, Prof. Cathal Brugha and Prof. Patrick Walsh also attended this forum, joining the cooperation of building a forum which targets the high end of academia and PhD research.

Pic 1 Dr. Wang addressing the Forum, including UCD President Dr. Hugh Brady and Prof. Patrick Walsh

The forum started at 13:30 pm. Founder and honorary Chairman of the PhD forum, Director of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, Dr. Liming Wang announced that from then on, the James Joyce PhD forum should be renamed the “Confucius PhD Forum”. In relating his experience over the years in Ireland, Dr. Wang’s humorous speech not only brought these Chinese students a feeling of warmth from their homeland but also created an informal, friendly and interactive atmosphere to the forum.

Pic 2 UCD President Dr. Hugh Brady addressing the Forum

UCD President Dr. Hugh Brady also made a speech, in which he reviewed the history of University College Dublin over the past 100 years and particularly emphasized the academic communication and exchange between UCD and Beijing-based universities since the twinning agreement was signed between the two cities of Dublin and Beijing. Dr. Brady mentioned UCD’s intention of establishing cooperative schools with Beijing-based universities and expressed his welcome and support to the excellent Chinese students studying in Ireland. 

Prof. Cathal Brugha from the School of Business and Prof. Patrick Walsh from the School of Politics and International Relations also presented their erudite speeches to the forum attendants. The two professors shared their working experience from the perspective of academic research, and all the attendants benefited from their vivid explanation of profound theories.

Pic 3 Fengjuan Wang introducing her research on ‘The Trojan Effect of Nanotoxicity’ 

In the end, representatives of international students Fengjuan Wang from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, UCD, and Mingjia Yan from the School of Bio-systems Engineering, UCD, made two presentations entitled ‘The Trojan Effect of Nanotoxicity’ and ‘A Brief Introduction to Sustainable Development and Life Cycle Assessment’. The two outstanding speakers shared their research experience and helped other attendants solve various difficulties by answering their questions in relation to their research, which was truly intriguing. After the meeting, exchange students who attended the forum all expressed that they were greatly inspired by the experience and that their research and study had benefited hugely by the introduction of such excellent research experience and the various gains wrought through academic communication. 

Pic 4 Forum participants enthusiastically joining the discussions

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