UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland launched the 2019 pre-service training program

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The 2019 pre-service training program by UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (CII) was launched on 20th August 2019 and lasted for 2 weeks. The objective of this training program is providing comprehensive training on local Chinese teaching for the 17 new volunteer Chinese teachers and visiting teachers. Teachers with rich teaching experience are invited to share their experience and conduct classroom simulation.


At the ceremony, Prof. Liming Wang, Director of UCD CII, first welcomed the newly-appointed teachers. In the speech, he introduced the basic situation of UCD CII, and traced back the history and development of CII. In the development of more than ten years, UCD CII has made remarkable achievements, which is the result of the joint efforts of generations of teaching staff. He also encouraged everyone to join the CII family with enthusiasm, and to actively adapt to the new working environment, contributing to the brighter future of CII.  

The welcome speech by Prof. Liming Wang, Director of UCD CII



In his welcome speech, Mr. Zhang Wei, Chinese Director of UCD CII, expressed hopes for the new teachers: to work well, to live well and to do the right thing. He stressed that the teachers of CII should have a collective sense of honor and behave properly. He hoped the volunteer teachers to accommodate to the new environment as quickly as possible, integrating into the new community and showing a positive and lively team atmosphere and working attitude.

Addressing by Wei Zhang, Chinese Director



The first regular staff meeting and welcome meeting for new teachers in 2019 by UCD CII was also held on 30th August. Mr. Zheng Daiwei, First Secretary of the Education Section of Chinese Embassy in Ireland, was invited. Mr. Zheng brought greetings of Ambassador HE. He Xiangdong to all the new teachers. He also praised the achievements of UCD CII as ‘a bridge for cultural exchange between China and Ireland’. He hoped that the new teachers, while concentrating on teaching and actively promoting Chinese culture, would happily integrate themselves into the local life of Ireland, strengthen their cultural communication skills and cherish this valuable working experience.

Speech by Mr. Zheng Dawei, First Secretary of the Education Section of Chinese Embassy in Ireland



This training program lasted until the beginning of September, during which Prof. Xuanli from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, gave a lecture on ‘The Syllabus of Chinese Test and Teaching Methods in primary and secondary schools in Britain and Ireland’; Dr. Kan Qian from the Open University gave a lecture on ‘Instructional Design and Innovative Language learning activities’; Irish teacher Garreth Hodgin shared his experience on the theme ‘The Application of E-learning in Chinese Teaching in Secondary Schools’; Selena Wilkes and Paul Kilduff shared their perspectives on ‘classroom management in primary and secondary schools’ based on local teaching experience.


Lecture by Prof. Xuan Li, SOAS University of London

Lan Li, Deputy Director of UCD CII, is presenting a souvenir to Dr. Kan Qian



In addition, most of the other courses were responsible by former visiting teachers and volunteer teachers. The whole training program covered the introduction of UCD CII, introduction of the types of courses, organization of interesting teaching activities in primary and secondary schools, introduction of teaching resource packs, volunteer trial lectures, observation of demonstration classes by local teachers and so on. The purpose of the training was to help the new teachers get familiar with the local Chinese teaching environment and carry out Chinese teaching and cultural activities.


Volunteer Teacher Tingting Yu is giving the trial lesson

Clare Murray, a local teacher, is observing a demo class


At present, all the new teachers have been on board and started to perform their duties for the new academic year. 

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