UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland Holds the A2019 Board Meeting

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The 2019 Board Meeting of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (UCD CII) was held in the conference room of the UCD CII building on the morning of March 11th. Present at the meeting were Prof. DU Peng, Vice President of Renmin University of China, Ms LI Zhenshi, Deputy Director of the International Office and Director of the Confucius Institute of Renmin University, Ms SONG Dongxia, Deputy Director of the HR Department of Renmin University, Prof Dolores O’Riordan, UCD Vice-President for Global Engagement and Dr Liming Wang, UCD CII Director. 

Also sitting at the meeting were Prof ZHAO Zhong, Deputy Dean of the School of Labour and Human Resources, Ms XU Chang of the International Office of Renmin University and Mr ZHANG Wei, Chinese Director of UCD CII.

Prof O’Riordan presided over the meeting and Ms WANG Yanling and FENG Xi, both Senior Executive Assistants of UCD CII, wrote minutes of the meeting.

The 2019 Board Meeting of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (UCD CII)

The members reviewed the key issued discussed at the 2018 Board Meeting, followed by Dr Wang’s explanation and report on the implementation of these key issues. He also delivered a report on the work of UCD CII 2018 and answered questions from fellow members of the Board.    

Dr Wang then explained in detail the UCD CII 2019 Work Plan and Budget and answered questions that were of interest of the Board members. Ms Li proposed new Board member candidates on behalf of Renmin University and Dr Wang made his proposal on behalf of UCD. After the members reached an agreement, new appointments and replacements were made for new and current Board members in line with the change of Board members.  

Dr Wang elaborated on several key projects in 2019 including the opening ceremony of the new UCD CII building, the Suzhou Garden project, UCD CII’s participation in the implementation of Chinese as a Leaving Certificate subject.

Prof ORiordan passed on UCD’s comments, attitude and suggestions in relation to the proposed UCD CII plans such as curriculum assessment, CII HR and CII language lab. Vice-President DU Peng commended UCD CII for their achievement over the past year and expressed his support for the decisions made by the Board.

The Board members went down to the CII library after the meeting for a forum with the Chinese teachers sent from Renmin University and volunteer teachers. Dr Wang presided over the forum. Prof O’Riordan commended the UCD CII teachers for their contribution to the China-Ireland cultural exchange; she also spoke about the language and culture exchange of the UCD exchange students from China. She welcomes UCD CII teachers to give her feedback on the development of the Institute. 

UCD Vice-President for Global Engagement Prof Dolores ORiordan at the forum with UCD CII teachers


Mr ZHANG Wei hosted the second part of the forum. He introduced the Renmin University delegates to the teachers and volunteer teachers, followed by self-introductions of the teachers and volunteer teachers.

Vice-President DU Peng encouraged the teachers to exchange opinions on their work, life and studies in UCD CII. The volunteer teachers asked whether they could deliver thesis proposal and presentation remotely while the teachers from Renmin University asked about future career development, medical and accommodation reimbursement and salaries, all answered by Ms LI Zhenshi, Ms SONG Dongxia and Ms XU Chang.

Vice-President DU Peng said they will communicate with Renmin University regarding the questions raised by the teachers. He believes that all the questions should be resolved in a timely manner and the wellbeing of the teachers will be secured. He expressed his gratitude to the teachers for their hard work, professionalism and contribution to the promotion of Chinese language and culture in Ireland.

Renmin University Vice-President Prof DU Peng and his delegation with UCD CII Director Prof. Liming Wang and teachers


                                                         Written by CAO Tiange

                                                         Photographer: LI Yu

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