Beijing Education Fair 2018 successfully Held at UCD Confucius Institute

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On the morning of November 5, Beijing Education Fair 2018 was successfully held at UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, attended by Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Youth Politics College, North China Electric Power University and other eight middle schools in Beijing.


The guests present at the education fair were Mr. Zheng Dawei, First Secretary for Education from the Chinese Embassy in Ireland;Mr. Daniel O’ Sullivan, the Regional Managers of UCD International Office; Mr. Zhang Wei, Chinese Director of UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland;Mr. Brendan Thornhill, Wicklow TD; Ms. Xu Jianshu, head of the delegation of Beijing Education Fair 2018; Ms. Li Yulin, deputy head of the delegation; and Ms. Zhang Wei, secretary general of the delegation. Also, students from the local secondary school, Jesus and Mary College,and Trinity College Dublin attended this meeting.

Mr. Zheng Dawei, First Secretary for Education from the Chinese Embassy in Ireland

Before the education fair, Mr. Zheng Dawei held a seminar where he gave a warm welcome to the delegation from Beijing and did an introduction of the education office of Chinese Embassy in Ireland. Also, he introduced two Confucius Institutes in Ireland, and the education co-operation and exchange between Ireland and China.


Ms. Xie Xiaoyu, Lecturer in Chinese language at UCD Irish Institute for Chinese Studies and Confucius Institute, held the fair. She represented UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland and Mr. Wang Liming, Director of UCD Confucius Institute, to welcome Ms. Xu and her delegation and briefly introduced the basic information about the students and teaching staffs at UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland.


At the fair, Mr. Daniel O’Sullivan emphasized the importance of learning Chinese to experience Chinese culture and broaden the horizon for local students. Besides, he gave a presentation on the majors related to the Chinese language at UCD, concentrating on the fields of Chinese studies with law, business, and agriculture.


Ms. Xu, head of the delegation of Beijing Education Fair 2018, expressed her gratitude to UCD Confucius Institute in her speech. Furthermore, she introduced the scholarship programmes offered by the schools attending the meeting, and provided general information on Irish students currently studying in Beijing.


Brendan Thornhill TD, who loves the Chinese language and the culture, told the stories of his affinity with China and said Chinese were hardworking, intelligent and humble. Also, he introduced the middle schools in Wicklow which offers Chinese language courses.


After the fair, the students attending this meeting had deep conversation with the participating schools about the enrolment and scholarship programmes, and received delicate traditional Chinese handicrafts from them.


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