Chinese Culture Sparkles on the UCD Open Day 2018

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The Open Day of University College Dublin (UCD) was officially launched on 3rd November 2018. All sorts of activities attracting thousands of students and parents started from 10 am. Many visitors visited the new building of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland where they learned the Chinese curriculum provided in UCD, and also experienced Chinese culture by participating in tea ceremony, Chinese chess, calligraphy and paper-cutting events.

UCD Open Day 2018


A Guzheng song "Fishermen's Song at Eventide" attracted people to stop and listen to the elegance of traditional Oriental music; "My Old Classmate" played by the dulcimer showed the audience the charm of Chinese contemporary pop music. The rhythm of the piano is floating, the tea is full of emotions, and the combination of movement and quiet gives people enjoyment. The tea performers not only prepared authentic Chinese tea for the audience but also introduced etiquette for handing tea and picking up tea.  After a sip of tea, an audience had deep communication with a teacher of Confucius Institute on the similarities and differences of the tea cultures between China and Ireland.

 Guzheng performance


Tea ceremony performance


Calligraphy is undoubtedly an essential part of Chinese culture. On the Open Day, with the guidance of presented teachers, many visitors learned about how to hold the writing brush, to dip the ink, and write some Chinese characters, which is an immersive experience for visitors to feel the vastness and profundity of Chinese characters. In addition, Chinese chess also grasped the attention of many visitors. Visitors were explained the basic rules of Chinese chess by the teacher, and many had successfully completed the game for the first time.

Writing Chinese calligraphy


Face painting 


The paper-cut booth seemed to be the most popular spot. The traditional paper-cut works of Chinese characters “Double Happiness” (囍), “Spring”(春) and “Lucky”(福) were displayed for the visitors, and everyone was excited to try Chinese paper-cut on their own and enjoy the process of paper folding, painting, tailoring and making, during which the visitors learned the ingenuity and fascination of Chinese handicraft. The Chinese knot booth covered with colourful ropes was popular as well, and almost every visitor has learned and completed their own hangings and bracelets works.

Learning paper cutting



Teaching woven bracelet

Apart from displaying booths, UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland also held two lectures on Chinese language courses. Liu Xiangyi, the lecturer, gave the audience an detailed introduction on topics “Why study Chinese”, “Is Chinese difficult” and “What UCD can offer”. Many questions raised by audiences were answered after the lectures.

Chinese chess game



The Open Day provided an extraordinary platform for UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland to display its unique charm as well as enhance the understanding of the Chinese language courses provided by prospective students. More importantly, the Open Day has contributed to the promotion of Chinese culture in Ireland to a great extent.

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