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On Thursday 16th November 2006, the Blackrock Guild Dublin Federation, I.C.A. welcomed representatives from the Embassy of The Peoples Republic of China, and the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, to our International Night on China. Their visit was much anticipated by the ladies of the guild.

Dr Lan Li gave an excellent illustrated talk on the diverse cultures and religions of her country. She helped us to understand how China has become one of the leading economies of the world. With Ireland’s booming economy, continuing business exchanges with China is to our mutual advantage.

Dr Liming Wang told us about the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland. He organised a very lovely girl Rebecca, dressed in national costume to end our evening, with a memorable recital of Chinese music. On a very ancient string instrument called Guzheng (see the picture above), Rebecca beautifully played two contrasting pieces. We were spellbound by the beautiful sound, on an instrument possibly even older than Ireland’s Harp. We don't need to know the language to understand the music. Music is the international language. People are all the same under the sun.

The signing ceremony was followed by the first Executive Board Meeting of UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland. As well as four members from UCD (Dr Philip Nolan, Professor Joe McMahon, Dr Erik Lithander and Dr Liming Wang) and four members from RUC (Professor CHEN Yulu, Vice Chair of the board, Professor TANG Zhong, Professor YANG Huilin and Professor LI Hui), the meeting was attended by two officials from Hanban, The Office of Chinese Language Council International (Mr GUO Lifan and Mr DUAN Yi).

The personal experience evoked pleasant memories for those of us who have been to China, and created an appetite in those who had not yet been. They are excellent ambassadors for their country. Our Chinese night was much appreciated by our members, and some expressed a wish that they might return again in the future.

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