UCD CII 2017 Volunteer Teachers Induction Training Held Successfully

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Following the arrival of a new group of volunteer Chinese teachers in Dublin on August 20th, 2017 and a nice break, the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (CII) held a one-week induction training for them.

Hosted by the current UCD CII teaching staff and remaining volunteers, the training included an introduction of UCD CII, covering courses offered, the Institutes involvement with Chinese teaching and activities in primary and secondary schools, volunteer trial lectures, work etiquettes, sitting in on local teachers’ demo classes, etc.

Mr Lichao Li Demonstrating Secondary School Fun Chinese Teaching

To help the new volunteer teachers adapt to their new life and new role in Dublin, the current Chinese teachers formed a one-to-one group to assist them. The teaching staff shared their teaching experience, including characteristics of local students, dress code, and the effective use of the teaching resource package developed by UCD CII such as the culture workbook and attached language courseware and videos. They also explored how to conduct the most effective first Chinese class in a secondary school and how to encourage students to take relevant Chinese proficiency tests. The one-to-one help led to a successful secondary school trial class by the new volunteer teachers.

Ms Shuying Deng, one of the Volunteers at Her Trial Class As part of the training

UCD CII Deputy Director Dr Lan Li organized the new volunteers to sit in on the local teachers’ demo classes for a first-hand understanding of the teaching methods and content of the local teachers. The new volunteers felt it was hugely beneficial when the current teachers and retaining volunteers shared their teaching and life experience in Dublin. UCD CII Director Dr Liming Wang welcomed the new volunteers in joining the Institute. He presented the overall Chinese teaching environment in Ireland and the evolution of the Chinese language and culture in Ireland since the inception of UCD CII. He shared his own experience as a teacher, leading the volunteers to ponder the question of what makes a teacher and what makes a great teacher. He encouraged the teachers to inherit the legacy of the traditional Chinese culture, teach Chinese learning skills, possess cultural and language self-confidence and to promote Chinese at a higher level. Looking forward to starting work in the new UCD CII building next year, Dr Wang said that its state-of-the-art facilities require a world class teaching quality and service. To achieve this goal, all the UCD CII teachers and volunteers need to make concerted effort and collaboration. At the end of the training Dr. Wang advised the new volunteers to enjoy their life in Ireland and to look after themselves.



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