UCD Festival Showcases Chinese Culture

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The 2nd UCD Festival took place on June 10th. Seven events featured on Science and Innovation, Culture and Arts, Parent-Child activities attracted participants of all ages. 

The Culture and Arts session provided an enchanting and diverse cultural feast which showcased traditional Indonesian music instruments, Bollywood dance, Japanese culture, poetry recitals and music. Participants also enjoyed the Chinese culture session presented by the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, including Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy, blown ink art, Chinese chess, papercuts and Chinese knots.

The Chinese culture experience session started with elegant guzheng performance, accompanied by the tea ceremony, both generating a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere. Staff members from UCD Confucius Institute answered a range of questions raised by the audience in terms of tea categories, tea sets, the tea-serving ritual and recommended teas.

The CI teachers demonstrated Chinese calligraphy with brushes and ink. They taught the audience how to write the Chinese character fu (blessing, fortune) with its pronunciation and meaning. The curious participants got a better understanding of the uniqueness and attraction of Chinese calligraphy by trying their hands at writing the auspicious word. The blown ink painting became the most exciting activity of the day for children, who used their rich imagination with the paints in a round plate to create paintings. They also learned to sign their names in Chinese on their masterpieces and took very delightful photos in front of the picture wall. 

The papercuts and Chinese knot-making were equally popular. The teachers demonstrated and explained the Chinese connotations behind each design. This art and craft session created a relaxing and pleasant experience for participants, who cut out Chinese characters for happiness and spring and paper decorations for windows. Some children found making Chinese knots with strings was quite difficult in the beginning but after some practice they had all made their own Chinese knots.

Unlike other activities, the Chinese chess area seemed quite, but actually the players were going through an intense competition. Participants without previous experience in learning Chinese characters or Chinese culture developed great interest in Chinese chess and were able to play games after teachers’ demonstrations. 

The event also provided an opportunity for UCD CII to promote their children’s Chinese classes, evening classes, one-to-one classes, undergraduate degree courses and master’s programme in teaching Chinese language and culture. 


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