The 6th Irish Confucius Cup Table Tennis Tournament Held in Dublin

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On May 14th 2017, the 6th Confucius Cup Table Tennis Tournament was completed in Dublin successfully. The tournament was co-hosted by UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (CII) and Dundrum Table Tennis Club. Sixty-four contestants from twenty countries such as China, Ireland, the U.K., France, Poland etc. participated in the tournament.

As one of China’s national sports, table tennis is very popular in China and abroad. This year’s tournament reached a historic high in terms of the number of competitors and the level of strength. Each player showed off their best techniques; the audience fixed their eyes on each thrilling match, holding their breath or giving rounds of applause from time to time.

The 2-day tournament ended with Chinese player He Bai and Polish player Artur Bialek winning the 1st and 2nd places for the male group respectively, Welsh player Charlotte Carey and Katie Mcglone winning the 1st and 2nd places for the female group. UCD CII Director Professor Liming Wang presented the prizes to the winners.

The Confucius Cup Table Tennis Tournament is the carrier of the Ping-pong Diplomacy ethos, but more importantly, it builds a bridge for table tennis enthusiasts from both Ireland and China.  

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