2017 Irish Confucius Cup Go and Chinese Chess Tournament--A Big Success

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The 2017 Irish Confucius Cup Go (weiqi) and Chinese Chess (xiangqi) Tournament was held in Gresham Hotel Dublin on March 4-5, 2017. Seventy players attended from 15 countries including Poland, France, Germany, the U.K., Ireland, South Korea, China etc.

The tournament was co-organised by UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, Irish Go Association and Irish Chinese Chess Association (ICCA) and supported by China’s Qiyuan. A delegation of 5 professional players from Beijing representing China’s Qiyuan attended the tournament, including Deputy Secretary-General of Xiangqi Association Yuehan Zhu, International Xiangqi grandmaster, President of Heilongjiang Chess Institute Guorong Zhao, Xiagqi grandmaster and two national women’s singles champion Xiali Shan, Secretary-General of Jiangxi Province Go Association Ping Yu (2p Go player), Deputy Secretary-General of Tianjin Go Association Rui Chen (5p Go player). A special guest Ms Juan Guo (5p Go player) also attended from Netherland. 

The tournament was composed of go section and Chinese chess section. Contestants varied in ages, from senior citizens to ambitious young children. Compared to previous tournaments, this year’s event attracted more female participants who lit up the whole atmosphere.

Heaven and Earth crossed paths on the game boards; soldiers and knights moved around with their wisdom and strategies. The two-day tournament saw contestants testing each other’s tactics with black and white stones on go board or a Chinese chess board divided by a symbolic river or boarder (chuhe hanjie). After a keen competition South Korean player Kim Seong Jin became the go game champion, and British player Chunlong Huang won the Chinese chess first prize. The Saturday evening rounds were concluded with an entertaining session of simultaneous games against the visiting professional players form China. After the tournament, Chinese chess grandmaster Mr Guorong Zhao, special guest Go player Ms Juan Guo, professional players Rui Chen and Ping Yu reviewed the top games of go and Chinese chess.

Chinese Ambassador to Ireland His Excellency Dr. Xiaoyong Yue and UCD Vice President Professor Dolores O’Riordan attended the closing ceremony and presented prizes to the winners. The event received sponsorship and support from Bank of Communications Commercial Leasing, Prime Value Capital Management, Asia Market, Beingmate Creation and the China Qiyuan. As a bridge joining all parties involved, the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland is endeavoring to promote Chinese chess and go in Europe and rejuvenating these two ancient Chinese board games. 

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