2017 Chinese Spring Festival Gala Ireland

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2017 Chinese Spring Festival Gala Ireland, organized by UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, was held in the Convention Centre Dublin on February 11th, coincided with the Lantern Festival of the New Year of the Rooster. The spectacular gala drew nearly 2,000 audiences, including the Chinese Ambassador to Ireland, H.E. Dr. Yue Xiaoyong and other distinguished guests.

The gala is hosted by UCD Confucius Institute in collaboration with China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble and supported by local Chinese Communities and the Chinese Students & Scholars Association Ireland. It lasted two and a half hours, featuring Chinese Ethnic songs, dances as well as music performances that fully embody the cultural diversity in China. Wonderful singers, dancers and musicians came all the way to Ireland and brought up the feeling-back-home atmosphere as well as the best wishes from homeland. 

The gala opened with well known Chinese songs “Jasmine Flower” and “Singing and smiling” from Children’s Choir, followed with three Traditional Irish songs played by four young talents from Irish/Chinese Youth Concert Organisation. Splendid Chinese Zither show “ Fisherman’s Song at Dust” was performed by twenty zither players including Chinese teachers from the Confucius Institute. 

The gala was truly an audio-visual feast. A variety of artists from different ethnic backgrounds, such as Tibetan, Zhuang, Han, Korean, Uyghur and Mongolia, showed their excellent art skills. The audiences were deeply impressed by graceful folk dances such as Tibetan “Happy Tibetans”, Kazakh “A lovely Rose”, Korean “Dance in the Moonlight” and the final “Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate”. Chinese Ethnic Minority Music with extraordinary instruments were also highlights in the gala like Aijieke, Single-String instrument, Horsehead Fiddle and Uygur Tambourine. Famous singer Ms. Mu Linlin and especially Mr. Teng Geer performed well-known songs which arouse the common memories and emotions of the audience, making the gala to the climax.

The UCD Confucius Institute of Ireland holds the Spring Festival Gala Ireland every year for 11 years now and considers it as a great time to share the Chinese New Year celebration traditions with local Chinese and Irish communities. What is more, the Gala will not only bring more festival happiness to Chinese and Irish people, but also enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between Ireland and China.


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