UCD Media Services Holds Photography Workshop for UCD Confucius Institute Staff

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UCD Media Services held a photography workshop for UCD Confucius Institute staff on November 11th, 2016. The workshop was hosted by Vincent Hoban, UCD art lecturer and well-known photographer.  Mr Xiaochuang Wu, First Secretary of the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland attended the event, along with staff of the UCD Confucius Institute and photography aficionados.

Starting with different art aesthetic perspectives between China and the West, Mr Hoban said the West places a greater emphasis on the focal perspective, while Chinese photography puts more emphasis on the cavalier perspective, which is common in traditional Chinese landscape paintings. Based on the principles of imaging, he discussed the theories of focal length, composition and eye lines, telling participants that these were key to taking a perfect photo. He used good and bad photos as examples for comparison and analysis, which helped the audience gain a better understanding of the theories behind taking a successful photo.

Mr Hoban then took the audience out for location photography. The participants tried new perspectives and methods alongside Mr Hoban, who helped them with portrait photography, composition and lighting.

The photos were then copied onto computers for analysis. Mr Hoban said that some of the photos were interesting and unique, and some of them were excellent, but it was the funniest ones which captured the most realistic attributes of life. The whole session was filled with laughter and fun.

The three-hour workshop flew by but the photos taken by the participants became permanent memories of this event. The workshop improved the staff’s photography techniques and understanding, but more importantly, it helped them gain a better understanding of the differences between Chinese and Western culture.


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