A Big Success of the Table Tennis Tournament between the Chinese Embassy in Ireland, UCD Confucius Institute and Chinese Enterprises in Ireland

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The Table Tennis Tournament of Mixed Doubles, organized by the Chinese Embassy in Ireland and supported by UCD Confucius Institute and Chinese enterprises in Ireland, was held on Sept 10th in Dublin. The tournament attracted 24 players from 12 teams representing the 3 parties.

The tournament was opened by the Head Referee Ms Yang Hua, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland at 3 pm sharp. His Excellency Dr. Yue Xiaoyong, Chinese Ambassador to Ireland delivered opening address. He expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Embassy in Ireland, UCD Confucius Institute and the Chinese enterprises in Ireland for their hard work in preparing for the tournament and wished all players good luck. He stressed that as China’s national sport, the table tennis is very popular worldwide, and its metaphoric diplomatic significance has been written into history with the expressions Ping Pong Diplomacy and Small Ball Rotates the Globe. He added that the table tennis plays an important role of enhancing players’ fitness as well as improving friendship of overseas Chinese communities.    

The tournament officially started soon after a brief opening ceremony. The 4 rounds namely preliminary, quarter-final, semi-final and final lasted over 3 hours. Prof Liming Wang and Ms Yuanyuan Ma representing the UCD Confucius Institute, His Excellency Chinese Ambassador Yue Xiaoyong and Counselor Xue He collected the top and second prizes respectively. The tournament closed in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere reflecting its spirit of friendship first, competition second lingers.


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