30th ‘Confucius PhD Students Forum’ Held at UCD

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On February 25, the 30th ‘Confucius PhD Students Forum’ was successfully held at UCD. Professor Robert Bogdan Staszewski, a world renowned scholar from UCD School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Ms Hong Xu, a PhD candidate from UCD School of Classics, shared her research on the foreign policy of Philip V of Macedon with all the participants.

Entitled “Reality and Imagination”, an enlightening lecture was given by Professor Robert Bogdan Staszewski, who currently led a team with a research focus on technical development in the field of Internet of Things. Given his educational backgrounds and working experience at Texas Instruments in States, he introduced the process of inventing as well as upgrading digital signal processors (DSP). Ms. Hong Xu’s talk focused on the reason why Philip V of Macedon attacked Rome in the 3rd century B.C. on the basis of realism. She pointed out the real motivation, which was behind the overt act of controlling the whole Mediterranean area, was to eliminate the influences of Rome on Iberia.

At the forum, the public Wechat homepage for ‘Confucius PhD Students Forum’ was released as well as accordingly Wechat group. With the aid of engaging more online information exchange and academic discussion, the organizers aimed to help all the participants build up connections.

As the initiator of ‘Confucius PhD Students Forum’, Professor Liming Wang, Director of UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, reviewed the development of this forum in the past eight years. From a casual gathering to a formal academic event, the quality of this forum has embraced consistent improvement since the first one held in February 2009. The 30th ‘Confucius PhD Students Forum’ marks a milestone of the development and demonstrates the great achievements of the Forum.

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