The 2016 Irish Confucius Cup Go and Chinese Chess Tournament and The Irish Chinese Chess Association Launch Ceremony held in Dublin

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The 2016 Irish Confucius Cup Go (weiqi) and Chinese Chess Tournament was held on March 5th and 6th Dublin. Sixty competitors from 12 countries including Czech Republic, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, South Korea, China etc. participated in the tournament which was co-organised by UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland and Irish Go Association.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. John Gibson, President of the Irish Chinese Chess Association (ICCA) announced the establishment of the Association and briefed the audience on the plans for promotion and development. Mr. Ming Wang, Honorary President of the World Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Federation, extended his worm congratulations on behalf of the Federation and the Chinese Xiangqi Association. He expected that the newly established ICCA will organise many events, attract more fans and promote Chinese culture through chess. He also presented the International Promotion Award of Chinese Chess to UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland on behalf of the Chinese Xiangqi Association for the recognition of the Confucius Institute’s contribution to promoting Chinese Chess in Europe. Esteemed guests including the Chinese Ambassador to Ireland His Excellency Mr. Jianguo Xu, World Champion of Chinese Chess and Grand Master Ms Yingqin Liu, Professional Go player Ms Shuang Yang and sponsors of the tournament attended the launch and opening ceremony.

The tournament attracted people of from all walks of life and all ages. Contestants were rivals at the games but friends otherwise. They were learning from each other by exchange views on games and created a warm atmosphere. After two days of keen competition, French contestant Nicolas Dang won the first prize of the Chinese chess, South Korean contestant MinGyu Oh became the champion of the Go tournament. Fun awards such as Youth Award and Rapid Games Award were also presented to excited participants.

Ms Yingqin You and Ms Shuang Yang reviewed the top games of go and Chinese chess and played with 10 participants simultaneously after the tournament. Prof Dolores O’Riordan, Vice President of UCD, attended and presented the prize at the closing ceremony. Mr. Rory Wales, President of the Irish Go Association closed the event by extending his warmest gratitude toward all the contestants and UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland as well as the sponsors.  

Such a successful event wouldn’t be possible without the support from the Chinese Embassy in Ireland and the sponsorship from ICBC Leasing, China Development Bank Leasing, China Bank of Communications Financial Leasing, Huawei and Asia Market. His Excellency Mr. Jianguo Xu highly praised the event and hoped that the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland will organise more similar events to promote Chinese culture in the future.  

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