Volunteer Chinese Teachers from Two Confucius Institutes in Ireland Share Teaching Experience

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The Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland, along with the Confucius Institute at UCC and UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, hosted a seminar for Volunteer Chinese Teachers Teaching Experience on January 31, 2016. Present at the seminar were Mr. Xiaochuang Wu, First Secretary of the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland; Mr. Changlin Gao, First Secretary of the Science and Technology Section of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland, and Chinese Directors of the two above-mentioned Confucius Institutes.

The seminar is composed of two parts: class teaching demonstration and experience sharing. In the first part, 8 volunteer Chinese teachers from both Confucius Institutes demonstrated their unique class teaching designs and methods based on their first 6 months’ teaching experience. For instance, they prepared an array of cultural knowledge, incorporated fun games such as action upon instructions and picture drawing in teaching numbers, body parts and food.  In the second part, the volunteer teachers shared their experience in the strategies and techniques they adopted in teaching Chinese language and culture to Irish primary and post-primary schools.

Mr. Xiaochuang Wu, First Secretary of the Education Section, remarked that the Confucius Institute is the bridge to all the destination countries; that the volunteer teachers are the ‘goodwill ambassadors’ linking China with the rest of the world. He hoped that such seminars for teaching experience sharing will help volunteer teachers improve their teaching.

Volunteer teachers make up a significant part of the whole teaching staff in both Confucius Institutes. They are currently teaching Chinese language and culture in over 160 Irish secondary schools. By co-hosting such seminars, the two Confucius Institutes not only share their teaching resources, but more importantly, make mutual efforts on exploring Chinese teaching methods suited to the local Irish context.      

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