29th ‘Confucius PhD Students Forum’ Held at UCD

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On November 26, the 29th ‘Confucius PhD Students Forum’ was successfully held in Health Sciences Center. Prof. Liming Wang, Director of UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, as well as Honorary Chairman of the ‘Confucius PhD Students Forum’, welcomed all the participants at opening remarks.

Mr. Wei Ruiqi, a PhD student from UCD Smurfit Business School, and Mr. Yu Zhongyi, a PhD student from UCD Centre for Food Safety, delivered penetrating lectures entitled “Network Governance in Two-sided Platforms” and "What we talk about when we talk about food safety…” respectively. This forum was hosted by UCD Confucius Institute, in conjunction with UCD Chinese Students and Scholars Association. Prof. Patrick Wall, a food safety expert, attended this forum, as well as over 60 students and scholars.

Mr. Wei Ruiqi shared his insights on internet platform governance.  In Mr Wei’s view, for both the B to C market mechanism, which is highlighted by non-rational consumption behavior, and the B to B market mechanism, which lays more emphasis on rational choice, the networks play a vital role in influencing the effectiveness of governance mechanisms. At present, as the representatives of attaching importance to networks, Alibaba and Uber have already entered the era of multi-sided platforms. According to Mr Wei, the solid financial supports and huge members’ networks are crucial for building up multi-sided platforms. Moreover, a qualified multi-sided platform should transform either production platform or transaction platform to innovation platform.

Mr Yu Zhongyi’s lecture shed light on the problems of food safety based on his many years of practical experiences and scientific research in the area of food safety. He believes that the whole world, not just China, is facing difficulties in solving the problems of food safety. These difficulties would include: the limitedness of laboratory testing; the difficulty of tracing food origins; the low quality of food producers etc. In order to overcome these difficulties in tackling these issues, all parties including food safety experts and ordinary consumers should work together and strengthen collaborations.












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