28th 'Confucius PhD Students Forum' Held at UCD

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On October 1, the UCD Confucius Institute in conjunction with the UCD Chinese Students and Scholars Association hosted the 28th ''Confucius Ph.D. Forum'' in Newman Building.Prof Liming Wang, Director of UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, and Dr Hongju He from School of Biosystems and Food Engineering, delivered inspiring lectures entitled ‘The Essence of a PhD – Tips to surviving and thriving in your PhD’ and ‘How to Get a PhD Degree with Outstanding Performances’ respectively. More than 100 scholars and students attended the forum.

Prof Wang started his lecture by presenting the definition, origin and translation of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in both China and the West. This was followed by illustrating some tips and advice on how to nurture a fruitful academic life through out four years of a Ph.D. programme. He further shared his personal experiences from four aspects of doing a Ph.D. programme, i.e. selecting topic, research, publications and networking. An analogy was drawn between the four aspects of doing a Ph.D. and a four-wheel drive vehicle. Finally, Prof Wang encouraged students to become not only a Ph.D with specialised knowledge (yuanshi), but also broader sense of knowledge and culture (boshi). 

The forum also invited Dr.Hongju Heto share his own research experiences during four years of his Ph.D. programme with audiences. As a newly awarded Ph.D., Dr He provide the audience with some helpful and practical information and approaches about how to succeed in Ph.D. studies with more achievements. 

A question and answer session was followed by the lectures which stimulated audiences’ enormous interests. The atmosphere of discussion on the topics was hot and friendly. At the end of the forum, Ms. Ke Hu, a first-year Ph.D. candidate from Dublin City University said that she was enlighten by the talks and benefited a lot from the forum.


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