Training Programme for New Chinese Volunteer Teachers Held at UCD CII

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On August 20, 2015, a new cohort of volunteer Chinese teachers arrived in Dublin.The UCD Confucius Institute organized a week-long training programme for the new teachers. Through the training, the teachers had their teaching mission clearly defined and also got a chance to familiarise with the teaching programmes run by the UCD Confucius Institute. Learning from experienced teachers, furthermore, the new teachers performed very well in their trial teaching practice.

"UCD Confucius Institute shall endeavour to make great efforts to improve teaching quality and build up an elite team of Chinese language teachers in order to provide professional service and achieve sustainable development." Professor Liming Wang, Director of UCD Confucius Institute, emphasized in his opening remarks.

Professor Wang specifically drew the attention of the new teachers to the three main characteristics of Irish students in terms of their way of thinking: critical, creative, and challenging. He encouraged the new teachers to quickly adapt to the new teaching environment and demonstrate the charm of Chinese language and culture.Professor Yongqiang Cai, Chinese Director of the UCD Confucius Institute, stressed the importance of the training programme and hopes the new teachers will benefit from this precious opportunity and quickly grasp crucial features of students from different schools and different levels. Meanwhile, Professor Cai also reminded the new teachers to combine their academic research and teaching practice. Dr Lan Li, Deputy Director of the UCD Confucius Institute, shed light on the recent trend in electronic teaching and motivated new teachers to optimize the use of multimedia technology and a variety of software products in order to make classes more interesting.

In addition, the experienced teachers from the Institute pertinently shared their teaching skills and practice with new teachers and helped them to demonstrate high standards in trial teaching practice. For example: how to successfully teach the first Chinese class at secondary school; how to make use of the most of the UCD CII developed Teaching Pack that includes textbooks, courseware, and videos; how to motivate students to take Chinese examinations and obtain certifications. 

Having completed the training programme, the new teachers have now gained more confidence in stimulating their students’ initiatives in Chinese language learning and become more familiar with the daily work of UCD Confucius Institute. Professor Wang also earnestly wished all the new teachers would enjoy their work as well as their life both in and outside the Institute, pay attention to different aspects of Irish economy, politics, and society, and explore the ancient history and rich culture of Ireland.


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