UCD Confucius Institute held the first working meeting for Confucius Classrooms

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In order to enhance the communication between the Confucius Institute and affiliated Confucius Classrooms, improve Chinese language and culture teaching as well as serve the local communities, UCD Confucius Institute hosted its first working meeting for Confucius Classrooms on 26th of March, 2016. The total of fifteen people, including directors and teacher representatives from UCD Confucius Institute, principles and coordinators in charge of the Confucius Classrooms, attended the meeting.

The delegates studied and discussed the Hanban documents 'Application Guidelines for Confucius Classroom Programs and Funding ' and  'Agreement on the Establishment of the Confucius Classrooms ' to be signed between the Confucius Institute and local secondary schools. Professor Liming Wang gave a presentation on how Confucius Classrooms apply for annual funding and projects from the Confucius Institute Headquarters, followed by a thorough and constructive discussion on the draft agreement between CI and Confucius Classrooms. Principles and coordinators stated that they have had better understanding on the operation and obligations of Confucius Classrooms through discussion at the meeting and will sign the agreement soon. Professor Liming Wang also presented the progress of the New Building of Model Confucius Institute. Then, the principles and coordinators shared their experience in operating Confucius Classrooms. 

Since 2010 when the first Confucius Classroom was established, UCD Confucius Institute has now set up eight Confucius Classrooms in total. In order to strengthen the management and promotion of Confucius Classrooms, UCD Confucius Institute has currently set a special column on its website (www.cii.ie). 

The success of this working meeting lies in a better understanding between UCD Confucius Institute and its Confucius Classrooms on entitlements and responsibilities of both parties. It has laid down a solid foundation for further cooperation with Confucius Classrooms and more effective operation.


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