The 4th Confucius Cup Table Tennis Tournament held in Dublin

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On the 8th of March 2015, the 4th Confucius Cup Table Tennis Tournament which lasted one day, was successfully completed. This tournament was organized by the Dundrum Table Tennis Club and sponsored by the UCD Confucius institute. There were about 60 participants from more than 10 countries which included China, Czech, Ireland, Poland and the UK.

The Tournament is not only rallied many professional players but also attracted many amateur participants. After fierce competition, eventually, Vladislavs Agurjanovs from Latvia had won the first place. Gavin Maguire from Ireland and Na Ning from China took the second and third place respectively.

Compared with previous three tournaments, this one had more professional players and was on a larger scale. Not only more mature players, but also, juniors are beginning to show their potential in the tournaments. Both Champion and Runner-up of this tournament are currently ranked first two seed players nationwide in Ireland.  The heated final was a very close match which entertained the audience tremendously. Roman Pszonka, the Chairman of Dundrum Table Tennis Club, stated that this tournament has provided a platform for all the Ping-pong enthusiasts to compete and communicate. He hopes that more people will become more interested in China and Chinese culture through the promotion of the Confucius Cup Tournament. 

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