Celebrating Chinese New Year Jointly between Belvedere College S.J. Confucius Classroom and the 'Little Petrel' Art Troupe from Guangzhou

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On 26 of February 2015,the “Little Petrel” Art Troupe from Guangzhou, China, invited by the UCD Confucius Institute, performed together with students from Belvedere Secondary school to celebrate the Chinese New Year as a special cultural exchange event.

Students from Belvedere Secondary School started with traditional Irish music which is beautiful and touching. Next, the little performers from the “Little Petrel” Art Troupe presented a wonderful and joyful show. They were singing, dancing, playing traditional Chinese musical instruments as well as performing Chinese Kungfu which drew the audience into the charm of Chinese culture. The amazing conformity in the performance took the breath of the audience, then left them utterly intrigued and amazed. The performance lasted about 2 hours, which included quite a few highlights and plenty of applause. Students from Belvedere Secondary school conversed with their young Chinese friends while showing them around the campus.   

The average age of the members of “Little Petrel”Art Troupe is 10 year’s old, yet they have already performed overseas many times. MrGerry Foley, the Principal of Belvedere Secondary School, expressed his gratitude for the 79 guests’ presence and the effort from the UCD Confucius Institute in making it all possible. Mr. Yang Weiwen, Head of the “Little Petrel” Art Troupe, presented an art of embroidery from China to Principal Foley.  

Belvedere Secondary School has a long history of excellence in its education. Many talents, including James Joyce, were taught there. H.E. Xi Jinping visited Belvedere during his visit to Ireland when he was the Chinese Vice President. Belvedere Secondary School, being the host of a Confucius classroom, organised many cultural exchange activities; it has also established the link with the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China as its sister school.  

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