UCD CI and Bank of Ireland held a lecture on Chinese Business Culture

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On 23rd February 2015, Bank of Ireland and UCD Confucius institute co-organised a lecture on the theme “Doing Business in China: Challenge Across Cultures”. There were about 20 important business people from different industries taking part in this lecture.

The keynote speaker of the lecture was the director of UCD Confucius Institute Professor Wang Liming. He invited the audience to step inside the profound traditional Chinese culture and how it may significantly influence a business deal. He also applied his personal experience in illustrating what “Mianzi” and “Guanxi” are about(“Face” and “connections”, two very important concepts in Chinese culture) and how rules and strategies should be applied in order to be successful in business games. The audience was greatly impressed, not only by the content of the speech, but his humorous and witty delivery of words. They also engaged in an exclusive discussion on Chinese business. Mr. Padraic Brennan, director of business development section of Bank of Ireland, expressed his hope for more opportunities to attend such inspiring lectures.  

As the Chinese economy develops with globalization, more and more European enterprises are looking at the Chinese market which has huge potentials. Since the establishment of the UCD Confucius Institute, it has been actively promoting Chinese language and culture. Based on comprehensive research on Irish enterprises that are connected with China, it has provided language and culture training targeted to their specific needs, including tailored training courses for CRH Cooperation and ICA. These contributions of the UCD Confucius Institute has greatly pushed forward the business relationship between Ireland and China. 


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