Chinese Christmas Celebration

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A group of UCD students from the B.Comm with Chinese Studies Degree Program along with our UCD Chinese students enjoyed a Chinese Christmas celebration event held on the evening of 30th November 2006 at the UCD Quinn School of Business. Professor Aidan Kelly opened the celebration.

The Irish UCD students, along with two UCD students from Germany, are part of the newly established B.Comm with Chinese Studies Degree Programme run by UCD Quinn School of Business in conjuction with the Irish Institute for Chinese Studies in UCD.

China’s fast growing economy has led it to become a major trading partner for many companies based both in Ireland and also across Europe. Doing business in China today requires not only knowledge of the local business environment but also an understanding of Chinese language, culture and society.

The signing ceremony was followed by the first Executive Board Meeting of UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland. As well as four members from UCD (Dr Philip Nolan, Professor Joe McMahon, Dr Erik Lithander and Dr Liming Wang) and four members from RUC (Professor CHEN Yulu, Vice Chair of the board, Professor TANG Zhong, Professor YANG Huilin and Professor LI Hui), the meeting was attended by two officials from Hanban, The Office of Chinese Language Council International (Mr GUO Lifan and Mr DUAN Yi).

The B.Comm with Chinese Studies Degree provides students with everything they need to know should they pursue a career in business, particuraly business relating to China while also developing their understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture.

The current class of first year students have now completed their first term of what they have described as a “most interesting new course”. They showed their appreciation by presenting gifts at the Christmas celebration to Dr Martin Butler, Director of the Quinn School of Business and to the course lecturers - Professor Luxing Li, visiting Chinese Language Professor from Renmin University of China and Dr Lan Li, lecturer in Chinese Culture.

Students also joined Professor Luxing Li for a highly entertaining, if slightly un-orthodox performance of the traditional Chinese martial art, Taiji.

Our UCD Chinese students that were also present at the Christmas celebration are taking part in a ‘pairing’ scheme with our B.Comm with Chinese Studies students to help understand each others respective languages and culture through regular contact during their studies here at UCD.

During the Christmas celebration event our Chinese and B.Comm with Chinese Studies students took turns to perform a selection of music from their own countries which was instantly enjoyable and very much appreciated by students and staff alike.

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