The 2015 Irish Confucius Cup Go and Chinese Chess Congress

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The 2015 Irish Confucius Cup – The 1st Chinese Chess and 4th Go Tournament took place over the weekend of February 7th – 8th in Dublin, which was jointly organised by the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland and the Go Association of Ireland. A record 75 players from 16 countries (Ireland, China, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Australia, South Korea etc.) participated in the tournament. Many distinguished guests also attended the event. They included His Excellency Mr. Xu Jianguo, the Chinese Ambassador to Ireland, Prof. Andrew Deeks, President of UCD, and his wife Dr. Linda Deeks, Ms. Hua Xueming, the Team Leader of the Chinese National Go Team, Ms. Guo Liping, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Chess Association of China, Mr. Jiang Chuan, World Champion of Chinese Chess, Mr. Huang Yizhong, Professional 7 Dan go player, Mr Rory Wales, the Chairman of the Irish Go Association, Prof. Wang Liming, Director of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland and Prof. Cai Yongqiang, Chinese Director of the UCD CII.

This year we had the participants aged between 10 and 60, and the top players coming from across the globe. After a heated two-day competition, Mr. Huang Chunlong from England won the first prize of Chinese Chess and Mr. Young-Sam Kim from South Korea won the title of “Champion of Go”. The organiser also awarded contestants with prizes for participation and prizes for younger players. The President of the Irish Go association, Mr. Rory Wales expressed his hope that the annual “Confucius Cup” Chinese Chess and Go Congress will attract more people to participate in these games. Prof. Wang Liming, the director of the UCD CII stated that Chinese Chess and Go are treasures of Chinese culture. It is hoped that Irish people could have deeper understanding of Chinese civilisation through learning Go and Chinese Chess.   

In order to better promote Go and Chinese chess, top professional players of the Chinese National Chinese Chess and Go teams were invited to the tournament to play simultaneous games, review games and award dan certificates. The Chinese Chess World Champion, Mr. Jiang Chuan had a spectacular 1 against 6 blindfolded simultaneous chess games. Ms. Hua Xueming, the team leader of the Chinese National Go team spoke highly of this tournament. She expressed that the magnitude and quality of the games were exceeded her expectations. This event is significant in the campaign for promoting the art of Chinese traditional go and chess. During the event, a Chinese chess enthusiast from Finland expressed his gratefulness to the Confucius Institute for hosting this platform where he can finally play with others, 10 years after he learned how to play Chinese chess, and expressed his hope that he would like to have more opportunities like this in the future.

The event couldn’t be succeed without the guidance and support from the Chinese Embassy in Ireland, and also the sponsorship from ICBC Overseas Leasing in Ireland, Hua Wei, Asian Market and Jia Sheng Mansion. His Excellency Mr. Xu Jianguo spoke highly of this tournament, and said he hoped for more events like this organized by the Confucius Institute in the future. 


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