Volunteer Chinese Teachers from UCD CI Participate in the “Collaborative Teaching Experience Seminar” for CII

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On the 29th of November 2014, a seminar themed “Collaborative Chinese Teaching Experience” was held in the O’Rahilly Building in University College Cork. This seminar was co-organised by the UCC Confucius Institute, the UCD Confucius Institute and the education section of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland. There were about 40 participants, including the directors from both Confucius Institutes, as well as accredited Chinese teachers and volunteer Chinese teachers.


The presentations in the seminar included mock-up teaching activities based on various subjects, such as; family members, Chinese characters, body parts, Chinese cooking and Chinese songs. Six volunteer Chinese teachers shared their teaching experiences with transition-year students. They presented their mock-up classes with the help of teaching cards, props and various multimedia, which made for interactive and enjoyable classes. 


Xia Yongbin, Chinese director of the UCC CI, was the MC for the seminar. CaiYongqiang, Chinese director of the UCD CI for Ireland and Guo Rongrong, accredited Chinese teacher from the UCC CI commented on presentations made by six volunteer Chinese teachers. They commented that these remarkable presentations were presented in a friendly manner with clear goals and interesting topics, highly suitable for transition-year students. As members of a new generation of teachers, they were able to focus on a specific group of target students and made the best of theircreative teaching methods, which greatly inspired the audience. After the presentations, Chinese teachers from both Confucius Institutes participated in a discussion on various problems in their classrooms and possible solutions.


Volunteer Chinese teachers have become a significant part of the Chinese teaching team. Experience exchanges between different Confucius Institutes are very helpful in enhancing their teaching abilities and in helping to identify more suitable teaching methods and modules for local students. Moreover, these exchanges also promote communication and cooperation between Confucius Institutes, building an effective platform where they may work together in realizing the goal of introducing Chinese into the Irish education system. 


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