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Category: News Written by Peng Ji / November 24, 2020
—“Ni Hao, China!” Lecture Series

From February to May 2014, the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (CII) in collaboration with the Ireland China Business Association (ICBA) organised a series of nine lectures called "Ni Hao, China!”. This series of lectures was tailor-made for students who wish to practise fundamental and conversational business Mandarin and to gain an in-depth understanding of doing business in China.

The nine lectures were composed of five entry-level language lectures and four culture lectures. Besides the teaching of basic Chinese expressions, the language lectures also covered business topics including business meeting etiquette, dinning etiquette, bargaining and negotiation as well as conversational business Mandarin. Four renowned academics and practitioners were invited to deliver the lectures. These experts were Prof. Cathal Brugha from University College Dublin, working on a western and eastern cultural study, Mr. Thomas Brosnan with his reflections on 30 years of doing business in China, Dr. Guanhong Tang providing an overview of China's legal settings, and last but not least, Prof. Liming Wang, director of the UCD CII, elaborating on the definitive rules to succeed in China. In the last lecture, Mr. Ken Duggan, the chairman of the Ireland China Business Association, also joined the lecture and congratulated the students.  

After the lectures, the students mastered the fundamental Mandarin to conduct business conversations. They learnt how to say “Gan Bei” (bottoms up/cheers) during the toast, master bargaining tips and also understand the lucky meaning of number 8 in Chinese. Many students expressed their confidence in doing business in China and wished this series of lectures could continue in the following years. The next session of the “Doing Business in China” lecture series will be organised by the UCD CII in September 2014.


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