Confucius Cup ‘Go’ Tournament Goes From Strength to Strength

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Over the weekend of the 2nd - 3rd March 2013, sponsored by the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, the second "Confucius Cup" Go Tournament was contested by bright strategists from 11 countries including Ireland, China, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and Germany, and 21 ‘Go’ clubs, with a total of 38 players. 

After two days of intense competition, the defending champion from Hungary Csaba Merro was again victorious, with Chinese contestant Du Zebin and France's Fenech  Antione taking second and third prizes respectively. Professor Wang Liming, Director of the UCD Confucius Institute and himself a big fan of the game, was on hand to present the prizes to the winners.

Compared to the first tournament, this year’s competition attracted more top class players. During the games the level of skill was a wonder to behold, with the experienced players using keen awareness and subtle moves to outwit their opponents, showing their relative strength. Apart from Go lovers from Ireland, many enthusiasts came great distances to watch and learn from these masters of this ancient game, some even travelling from as far as the United States, Finland and Norway.

As one of the four traditional Chinese arts, Go has won the favour of many Westerners.  There has been a strong momentum of development in the Irish Go Association. In recent years, Go clubs have been held regularly by the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland and attracted people from all walks of life, including college professors, software engineers and college students.

Professor Wang Liming, Director of the UCD Confucius Institute, said ‘Go is a treasure in Chinese traditional culture and reflects Chinese people’s pursuit of wisdom. The Go tournament held in Ireland is not simply a competition, but also a bridge for an understanding and communication between Chinese and western culture. The Confucius Cup Go Tournament held by the Confucius Institute is part of the process of promoting traditional Chinese culture in Ireland and we will continue to support and to promote the widespread launch of Go activities in Ireland, helping people gain a greater understanding of Chinese culture. ‘

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