2014 Chinese Food and Health Workshop for Evening Course Students

Category: News Written by Peng Ji / November 29, 2020

On 27th March, the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (CII) organised a Chinese food and health workshop for the evening course students. Prof. Yongqiang Cai, deputy director of the UCD CII attended the event.

During the event, the CII teachers briefly introduced Chinese dining etiquette and helped the students to learn about Chinese food culture. A teacher from the institute also demonstrated the five mimic-animal exercise, a classical physical exercise which imitates the motions of the five animals: tigers, deer, bears, monkeys and birds. All the students who joined the workshop enjoyed the Chinese food and learnt more about Chinese people’s methods of building up their health. 


A student is cooking Chinese food under the teacher's instruction.

Since 2006, more than 1700 students have benefited from the evening courses offered by the UCD Confucius Institute. Besides the Chinese language courses, the UCD CII has been promoting its Chinese culture courses including Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Taichi and the new Chinese cookery course. 


Students practising the Five- Animal Exercise together.

The cookery course started from January 2014 and has received a great welcome from its students. During the 10 classes, the teachers from the UCD CII taught the students how to cook Chinese traditional dishes like Kungpao Chicken, steamed bass, sweet and sour spare ribs, etc. Starting from next semester in April, the UCD CII will also organise the Five Mimic-Animal Exercise Class, showing the students the methods Chinese people use to build up health and to prolong life since the ancient times.


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