UCD Confucius Institute holds the inaugural ‘Go’ game Confucius Cup

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The UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland held the inaugural ‘Go’ game Confucius Cup on 2nd March 2012. An incredible 48 contestants competed, coming from as far apart as Ireland, China, America, England, Holland, Hungary, Poland and Germany. 

After 3 whole days of intense competition, Hungarian contestant Csaba Merro emerged victorious, while Chinese competitor Xie Guochen and Dutch competitor Kim Ouweleen claimed second and third place respectively. The director of the UCD Confucius Institute Dr. Wang Liming, himself a big fan of the game, was delighted to present the prizes to the winning contestants. 

As one of the four traditional Chinese arts, Go has won the favour of many Westerners.  There has been a strong momentum of development in the Irish Go Association. In recent years, Go clubs have been held regularly by the Confucius Institute for Ireland and attracted people from all walks of life, including college professors, software engineers and college students. Apart from Go lovers from Ireland, there are quite a few passionate Go players coming from the U.S., Finland, Norway and other countries to participate in the competition and learn from each other. The atmosphere of the three day competition has been warm, with a strong sense of friendly competition.

As Dr. Wang put it, “Zither (Guzheng), chess, calligraphy and painting” are the four Chinese Ancient Arts with a long standing history. Among those, Chess refers to Chinese Go. Go is a treasure in Chinese traditional culture and reflects Chinese people’s pursuit of wisdom. Nothing can fully embody the meaning of Chinese characteristics, ideology, culture and ancient philosophy better than Go. The Chinese Go tournament held in Ireland is not simply a competition, but also a bridge for an understanding and communication between Chinese and western culture. Through this black and white channel built up by small Go pieces, westerners will gain a great understanding of Chinese culture. Therefore, the Go game Confucius Cup should be organised continuously so as to carry forward Chinese culture to the world.

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