The Fifth Annual Conference of the ACSI incorporating Fudan University Book Launch held in University College Dublin

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On September 8, the Fifth Annual Conference of the ACSI in conjunction with a book launch by Fudan University was held in University College Dublin (UCD).

With a theme of “New Economic Growth Engine for China and Ireland”, it was held jointly by the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, the School of Economics in Fudan University, the Institute of International and European Affairs and the Institute for International Integration Studies in Trinity College Dublin. More than 50 experts and scholars from UCD, Fudan University, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology and University of Gothenburg exchanged views on the big issues in economics today, and had enthusiastic and productive discussions on the theme.

Pic 1: Experts and scholars discussing the themes of the day.

Professor Liming Wang, chairman of the ACSI and director of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, kicked off the proceedings with his welcome address. Next, Professor Wing Thye Woo from the School of Economics in Fudan University made a brief introduction to the new book A New Economic Growth Engine for China: Confronting the Limits of Doing More of the Same, and presented a report named “The Major Types of Middle-income Trap That Threaten China”, which analyzed the main contradictions faced by China in its current economic development and the strategies to help solve them. Then, on the theme of the conference, Professor Louis Brennan from Trinity College Dublin, Professor Leo Goodstadt from Trinity College Dublin and University of Hong Kong, Professor Liming Wang from UCD and Professor Wing Thye Woo and Ming Lu from Fudan University all expressed their own opinions about whether China needed a new economic growth engine.

Pic 2: Dr. Liming Wang, chairman of the ACSI and director of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, giving a welcoming address.

After the panel discussion, presentations on different topics began. In this part of the conference, Professor Mary Lee Rhodes from Trinity College Dublin presented her paper named “Smart Cities, Smarter Citizens”; Professor Jin Feng and Lixin He from Fudan University presented research on the reform of China’s public pension system and its positive influence on coping effectively with aging, urbanization and globalization; Professor James Stewart from Trinity College Dublin reported on “Current Issues in the Irish Pension System” in response; Professor Jinghai Zheng from University of Gothenburg made a presentation called “China’s Rise as a New Paradigm in the World Economy: Preliminaries”; Professor candidate Jian Ke proposed a remarkable new approach to the analysis on information asymmetry in the Chinese stock market; Professor Ming Lu from Fudan University talked about the way to ensuring efficiency and equality in China’s urbanization and regional development strategy; Professor Patrick Paul Walsh from UCD shared his research results of optimal transition paths and globalization; Professor Leo Goodstadt from Trinity College Dublin and University of Hong Kong made a profound analysis of the conflict between local autonomy, national interest and financial reforms in the process of China’s economic reform; and Professor Yan Zhang from Fudan University tried to unravel the gridlock on fiscal reform in China by analyzing government, market and central-local relations.

All the speakers presented their own viewpoints and answered questions from other experts and scholars during the one-day conference. Their discussions and exchanges on these fundamental and critical themes created a very passionate atmosphere.

Founded in 2006, the Association for Chinese Studies in Ireland (ACSI) is devoted to academic communication and cooperation between China and Ireland on diverse fields such as politics, economics and culture. It has made a very valuable contribution to the development of the bilateral relationship, and is becoming a brand and a prestigious platform for such vital discussions and exchanges between Ireland and China in the 

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