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2020 HSK & HSKK Home-based Online Exams Introduction to New HSK Test In order to better satisfy the demand for adequate Chinese language tests in foreign countries, Hanban has consulted a large number of both foreign and national experts in language teaching, linguistics, educational evaluation and psychology to assess the standard of Chinese language testing abroad. Based on their investigations and some new understandings regarding the shortcomings of Chinese language testing today, Hanban has applied the latest research methodology in foreign-language testing to develop a new HSK test, which will be launched in November 2009. The test is designed for Chinese language learners who are based overseas. Test Structure The new HSK is a standardized international Chinese proficiency test, taking non-native speakers as its object, and directed at examining students' capability in applying Chinese language in their studies, personal life and work. The new type of examination consists of two independent parts; a written test and an oral test. The written test is comprised of HSK Level 1, HSK Level 2, HSK Level 3, HSK Level 4, HSK- Level 5 and HSK- Level 6, while the oral test is comprised of HSK (Elementary), HSK (Intermediate) and HSK (Advanced). During the oral test, sound-recording devices are used. Written Test Oral Test HSK Level 6 Advanced HSK Level 5 HSK Level 4 Intermediate HSK Level 3 HSK Level 2 Elementary HSK Level 1 Test Grades The direct comparison between the new HSK test and Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages and The Common European Framework Reference for Language) is as follows: New HSK Vocabulary CLPS CEF HSK Level 6 Over 5000 Grade Five C2 HSK Level 5 2500 C1 HSK Level 4 1200 Grade Four B2 HSK Level 3 600 Grade Three B1 HSK Level 2 300 Grade Two A2 HSK Level 1 150 Grade One A1 * CLPS: Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages** CEF: The Common European Framework Reference for Language a. HSK Level 1Designed for learners who can understand and use some simple Chinese characters and sentences to communicate, and prepares them for continuing their Chinese studies; b. HSK Level 2Designed for elementary learners who can use Chinese in a simple and direct manner, applying it in a basic fashion in their daily lives; c. HSK Level 3Designed for elementary-intermediate learners who can use Chinese to serve the demands of their personal lives, studies and work, and are capable of completing most of the communicative tasks they experience during their Chinese tour; d. HSK Level 4Designed for intermediate learners who can discuss a relatively wide range of topics in Chinese and are capable of communicating with Chinese speakers at a high standard; e. HSK- Level 5Designed for learners who can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, watch Chinese films and are capable of writing and delivering a lengthy speech in Chinese; f. HSK- Level 6Designed for learners who can easily understand any information communicated in Chinese and are capable of smoothly expressing themselves in written or oral form. Test Principles Following the principle of "combing testing and teaching", the new test is designed in line with the present situation of international Chinese-language teaching and the teaching materials that are commonly available, with the aim of "promoting teaching and learning through examinations". The new HSK test stresses objectivity and accuracy, and also focuses on developing and testing an examinees' ability to apply Chinese in practical, real-life situations. The new HSK test also sets explicit study objectives, allowing examinees to more effectively improve their Chinese proficiency with defined study plans and goals. Test Functions Taking its orientation from the old HSK test, the new HSK test is aimed primarily at adult Chinese learners. The test scores meet the various demands of different organizations or groups of people as follows: Offers a reference for educational institutions to recruit students, classify students, exempt students from some courses and grant credits; Offers a reference for employers to employ, train and promote employees; Offers a reference for Chinese learners to understand and improve their ability to apply Chinese; Offers a reference for related Chinese teaching institutions or training organizations to evaluate teaching standards and the effectiveness of different training. Test Score Report Within three weeks after the test, examinees can access their test scores on the internet and have their 'Score Report' issued by Hanban.


HSK online exam

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HSK & HSKK Home-based Online Exams   Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, and in order to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the lives and health of examinees and test center staff, some overseas offline Chinese tests have been postponed or cancelled. However, in order to meet the needs of students in taking such tests, Chinese Testing International has launched a home-based online test of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK, HSKK). (In case there are inconsistencies between the Chinese and English notifications, please refer to the Chinese version.Click)   The relevant arrangements and requirements for the tests are as follows:   I. Time arrangement and inquiries   Exam time: October 31st, 2020 (Beijing time) Deadline for registration: October 16th, 2020 (Beijing time) Inquiries email:



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1.When will the exam be held? See Exam Timetable   Please note the deadline for registration is 4 weeks before the exam date.    2.Where will the exam be held? The exam will be held in University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4. Please choose UCD Confucius Institute as test centre while registering online.   3.Where should I go for online registration? Please go to www.chinesetest.cn for online registration.  *You will need to register as a user first if this is the first time you take the exam.   4.When is the deadline for online registration? Deadline for online registration is 4 weeks before the exam date.   5.Need more guidance for online registration? Please visit www.cii.ie for guidance on “Registration”.   6.Anything I need to pay special attention while registering? Please provide valid email address/contact number in order to make sure you can always be informed with our latest notice. Please provide valid postal address.  If you would like to take HSK Level 4, 5 or 6, you will need to upload a passport photo.   7.What should I do after finishing online registration? Please pay your exam fee online here to complete your registration process. Reference Field should be inserted with Exam Name, Level and Date as shown below.    You should make the payment before the deadline, which is 4 weeks before the test you have applied for, for example, if you apply the test on 17th October, the deadline for the payment is 20th September.Only registration with confirmed payments will be issued exam admission card.   8.When is the deadline for payment? Deadline for payment is 4 weeks prior to the exam date.    9.How much do I need to pay for the exam? Please click here to check exam fees.   10.Something important you REALLY need to know: Failure of payment before deadline will cause cancellation of your registration.  Payment without completion of online registration will NOT be accepted.   11.What is the last IMPORTANT thing I need to do before taking the exam? Please log in the test service website, www.chinesetest.cn, by inputting the user name and password, and then print your Test Admission Card on the "Personal Center" page. Printing of the card is available 7-10 days before the test in general. If you fail to print it, please send email to 


Exam Timetable

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  2020 Chinese Test Timetable        TEST DATE REGISTRATION DEADLINE HSK 21st  Mar. 21st  Feb. 21st Nov. 23rd  Oct.       HSKK 21st  Mar. 21st  Feb.       YCT 9th  May 10th  April. 15th  Nov. 16th  Oct.                Please note the deadline of registration. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at the exam. 


How to register and apply test

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How to register and apply test in website of Chinese International Test Service   How to registerHow to apply for a testHow to pay registration feeHow to print your test admission card   How to register 1. Log on the following website using Microsoft Internet Explorer http://www.chinesetest.cn/     To change to English version, click the arrow and choose English 2. Click the link “New user” 3. In the pop-up window, fill in all the information required. After you have filled in all the information and made sure there is no mistake, then click the button “Submit”. You will see the message as follows This means your registration has been completed. [Back to top] How to apply for a test 1. Log in on the test application page You can just click the link “Register now” when you get to the "Successfully registered as a website user" message just mentioned above.   Or, after you login the website   http://www.chinesetest.cn/   fill in your email address and password used in your registration in "User name" and "Password" boxes respectively, then click the link “log in”. 2. In newly opened page, hit the link “Test Registration” . 3. Find and click the link with the test you want to apply for on the left. 4. Hit the button “ Register Now” on the upper right hand corner in the next window. 5. After filling in the information required, and you have made sure there is no error, hit the button “Submit”. 6. When you submit successfully, a new page will pop up and you are supposed to fill in your personal information required.   After filling in this information correctly, click the button “Next Step”.   7. On next page you are supposed to upload your photo which will be used in your testing admission card. After you have found and uploaded your photo successfully, you can see the photo in preview box , then click the button “Next Step”.   8. Now you come to the confirmation page. If you are sure that there is no mistake, hit the button “Finish”. Or you can hit “Previous” to make the necessary corrections. When you see this message, your online application is finished. You will shortly receive an email at the address provided in your application. [Back to top] How to pay the registration fee When you have finished your application, you should pay the registration fee online. Please pay your exam fee online here to complete your registration process. For amount, please click http://www.cii.ie/index.php/2014-03-07-17-53-48/introduction/19-uncategorised/test/42-test-fees Reference Field should be inserted with Exam Name, Level and Date as shown below.    You should make the payment before the deadline, which is 4 weeks before the test you have applied for, for example, if you apply the test on 17th October, the deadline for the payment is 20th September.Only registration with confirmed payments will be issued exam admission tickets.  If you have any difficulty to pay your fee online or any questions regarding payment, please do not hesitate to contact us at



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Registration From October 2010 onward, all registrations for Chinese Proficiency should be made online at the Chinese International Test Service website. To do this you should: Register as a user of the Chinese International Test Service Apply a test from HSK, YCT and BCT and the level of the test Pay registration fee online Print your test admission card Before you start your application, please have to hand a digital passport photograph. For the details, see: How to register and apply test  2. If you want take a test you should complete your registration and application before the deadline which is 27 days before the day on which the test is held. For example, if you want to take the test on 17th April, you should complete your registration before 21st March.



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  HSK HSKK HSKK Marking Criteria HSK Level 1  HSK Level 2 HSK Level 3  HSK Level 4  HSK Level 5  HSK Level 6  YCT  YCT Level 1  YCT Level 2 YCT Level 3  YCT Level 4  BCT Sample Test BCT.sample.listening.pdf BCT.sample.speaking.pdf BCT.sample.reading.pdf BCT.sample.writing.pdf BCT.Answer.Sheet.for.Listening.Reading.pdf BCT.Answer.Sheet.for.Writing.pdf


Test Fees

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Registration Fee: Free Test Fees For HSK Written TestFee(Euro)Oral TestFee(Euro) Level 1 20 Elementary 20 Level 2 30 Level 3 40 Intermediate 30 Level 4 50 Level 5 60 Advanced 45 Level 6 65   For YCT Written and ListeningFee(Euro)Oral TestFee(Euro) Level 1 5 Elementary 10 Level 2 10 Level 3 15 Intermediate 15 Level 4 20   For BCT Skills TestedFee(Euro) Listening and Reading 35 Speaking and Writing 45 Notes: The test Fee should be paid when confirming your registration. The test Fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend your test, you should notify the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland up to two days before and a later test date will be arranged for you. Group Registration: test fees will be discounted 10 percent.

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