BIEE Foreign Teachers Employment Program

Program Introduction

Beijing International Education Exchange Center (BIEE) is a non-benefit direct subsidiary of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, committed to the international education exchange and cooperation in the Beijing area.The BIEE Foreign Teachers Employment Program is aimed at bringing in excellent foreign teacher resources, and assistingEnglish education in Beijing public schools.Wuzhou Chinese Education Technology Co., a subsidiary of Confucius Institute Headquarters, is a designated recruitment partner of BIEE.





Unique points of the program:

·         Special financial assistance from the Beijing municipal government; safe, stable, and secure.

·         One-year paid work opportunity, during which you will have the chance to experience life in Beijing and Chinese culture first-hand.

·         Enjoy two vacation periods: public Chinese holidays, and the school break.


Job Description

·         Teach oral English regularly at either a public elementary school (Grade 1-6, aging from 6 to 13), a public junior school(Grade 7-9, aging from 13 to 16) or a public high school (Grade 10-12, aging from 15 to 18) in Beijing, with a class size of about 35-45 students.

·         Approximately 20 hours of teaching per-week, 20 weeks each semester, two semesters each school year. Teachers will be expected to implement the curriculum in your daily teaching and complete teaching requirements as assigned. The contract is for one school year.

·         Support and assist in the continuous development and enrichment of coursework among students, including participation in extra-curricular activities and regular communicating and collaboration with other faculty and staff.

·         Other opportunities including training, observation, experiencing and public-benefit activities, based on teachers’ performance.


Prospective Compensation and Benefits

·         Monthly income(salary plus housing allowance) pre-tax: about 19,000 RMB.

·         Annual Round Trip Tickets (Economy Class).

·         Vacation Leave: Chinese public holidays plus school holidays.

·         Social Insurance (medical insurance included).


Qualifications of Candidates

·         Between the age of 18-60, in good health, without any criminal record.

·         A native speaker of English from an English speaking nation (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland, etc.); or a citizen of a non-Englishspeaking nation, but with bachelor or higher degree from an Englishspeaking nation.

·         With bachelor degree or above. No limitations regarding major, but those majoring in linguistics, education and related fields will be given priority.

·         With a minimum of two years of English teaching experienceand able to provide valid proof of work (If there’s no experience of English teaching, a TESOL or TEFLcertificate of 120 hours is requested).


Essential Attributes

·         Ability to inspire students.

·         Vibrant love of learning.

·         Desire to foster creative thinking in students.

·         Passion for teaching;the ability to interact well with students to foster a spirit of confident interaction and lively communication.

·         Experience in creating a positive learning environment for students.

·         Team player who is able to adapt to new and different situations and ready to obey daily managements.

·         With specific hobbies and talents.


Contact information:

·         We invite qualified teachers to join us anytime between 2017 and 2019.

·         For those interested in applying, please send your application materials to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·         The application materials should include your CV, a color scan of a valid passport, a color scan of highest certificate of education, proof of related work experience (provided by the applicant’s previous workplace, including the applicant’s previous position, period of employment, and workplace representative’s contact information, as well as a signature or stamp of the person responsible), or a color scan of a 120-hour TESOL or TEFL certificate. (If you are temporarily not able to provide proof of previous employment or certification you may first apply, then you must supply these documents two months before your positionbegins, so that processing for your work permit may begin as soon as possible.)

·         Contact person: Zhao Hanqing


·         Contact phone number: 86-10-82302345-2251

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