22nd November 2014: Chinese Training Centre for County Kildare

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The UCD Confucius Institute and the Kildare Education Centre are excited to announce that they are working together to establish a Chinese Training Centre for County Kildare. The opening ceremony for this centre will be held , from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, the 22nd of November, 2014, at the Kildare Education Centre Office Building.

Directors from both sides, as well as the Vice Mayor of County Kildare will be present at the ceremony. The majority of the participants will be primary and secondary school teachers from around Kildare and Laois. However, anyone who is interested in becoming a teacher of Chinese language and culture is very welcome to come along. The event will include demonstration classes on how to become a Chinese teacher and presentations about Chinese culture, as well as fun activities for people to get a taste of Chinese life. A Chinese style buffet will also be provided during the lunch break.

This event signifies the development of Chinese language and culture and how interest in it is spreading from outside the confines of major cities in Ireland. The centre will provide a clear and convenient source of information and support for people wishing to become a Chinese language and culture teacher. What’s more, the organisers of this event also hope that this centre will further cooperation between China and Ireland in areas such as cultural exchange and business, and in doing so will contribute to the enhancement of Ireland-China relations. 

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